Rebates for Windows, Doors and Gas Furnace

Vinyl Windows & Patio Doors

There are currently three rebates available for windows and patio doors:

1. House Smart Windows & Doors – Simple
House Smart Windows & Doors currently offers a $100 Rebate per vinyl window & patio door directly from our company, no forms or paperwork to deal with.

2. British Columbia Energy Efficiency Rebate
Replacement Windows and Doors: save up to $2,000. Receive up to $2,000 on select windows and door replacements as follows:

LoE366 and i89 (fourth and interior glass surface)Triple Pane Windows
U-Factor value of 1.40 to 1.23 (W/M2-K) qualifyMaximum U-Factor of 1.22 (W/M2-K) qualify
$50 each for a maximum rebate of $1,000.$100 each for a maximum rebate of $2,000.

3. GREENER HOMES FEDERAL REBATE – Certified Window $125 Rebate
Must have a U-factor of 1.22 or less, which is a Triple Pane upgrade. Must have your home tested twice.

U-Factor: also known as U-Value, U-Factor measures a window or door’s resistance to heat flow. The lower the number, the better its insulating properties. U-Factor can be expressed in metric or imperial units.

Metric vs. imperial: Prime is listed in Imperial, U-Factor requirements are listed in metric units (W/m2.K). To convert from imperial to metric, multiply by 5.678. E.g. 0.21 (imperial) x 5.678 = 1.19 (metric).

High Efficiency Furnace

Fortis BC is providing the following Furnace rebates

  • $800 Rebate for a 96% High Efficiency Furnace
  • $1000 Rebate for a 97% High Efficiency Furnace

Tankless Water Heater

  • $1000 Rebate